Sale of pets is prohibited in El Arenal

The sale of companion animals such as dogs and cats is now “totally prohibited at the Feria Libre,” according to the municipal director of Markets, Marcelo Álvarez Toral, who warned that all pets that are sold in the sector will be rescued and given up for adoption by the Citizen Guard.

The decision, according to Álvarez, has been in force since the beginning of this year and was taken in coordination with animal groups in the city and in compliance with an ordinance prohibiting the sale of pets in unsuitable spaces.

“The animals are overcrowded, under the sun and the reproduction of these occurs in a cruel and inhuman way, we cannot continue to allow this,” said the official.

According to the data of the Citizen Guard, about 30 people are dedicated to the sale of pets at the Feria Libre and only three are registered, but even they cannot market pets because they lack the appropriate conditions to do so.

Álvarez said that these merchants will be able to sell pet supplies and pet food in order to keep their businesses.