Monthly inflation in December 2019 was -0.01%

On January 6, 2020, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) published the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This recent report showed a monthly inflation of -0.01% in December 2019, compared to the previous month which was -0.70%.

The annual variation in the last month of 2019 was -0.07%. In December 2018 it was 0.27%.

There are twelve consumer divisions in the CPI index. According to the INEC Technical Bulletin, the three divisions that most affected monthly inflation in December 2019 were food and non-alcoholic beverages (-0.0533%); restaurants and hotels (-0.0065%); and, furniture, household items and for ordinary household maintenance (-0.0039%).

By regions, the monthly price variation in the cities of the Coast (0.01%) showed that the cities of the Sierra were higher (-0.03%). On the other hand, the cities of the Sierra (0.12%) presented annual variations higher than those of the Coast (-0.24%), the report indicates.

The cities that presented the lowest monthly variations were Esmeraldas, Cuenca, Quito and Santo Domingo. In contrast, the cities with the lowest annual variation were Esmeraldas, Santo Domingo, Guayaquil and Manta, below the national annual inflation.

In the international context, INEC explains that compared to the annual inflation values ​​of the member countries of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and Southern Common Market (Mercosur), as of November 2019, Ecuador is below average.

Extracted from Diario El Telégrafo