Volume 3, Issue 32
From the week of March 10, 2019

Ecuador Dignitaries Support Guaidó

The visit of Juan Guaidó to Ecuador reflected two scenarios: the ‘turn’ of the country in its foreign policy and the need to be part… Read More

Ecuador investment risk improves

The General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency explained, in a statement, that Ecuador’s “Country Risk” was reduced by 232… Read More

Local Bus Loses Control

A bus from the urban transport company Tomebamba lost control and travelled 30 meters on the sidewalk of the so-called “fast… Read More

No shortage of propane

In response to complaints from citizens about the alleged shortage of domestic gas in certain sectors of the Cuenca, Jorge… Read More

CTC pushes back on electric buses

This Wednesday, March 6, 2018, the Cuenca Chamber of Transportation (CTC), on its Twitter account, spoke about the offers made… Read More

Hundreds of thousands traveled for Carnival

The Ministry of Tourism said that during the 4 days of Carnival holiday, a total of 723,000 tourists were moving throughout the country, overcoming the economic movement of the previous year and a recovery in the destination of Esmeraldas. Festivities The Carnival began with the… Read More

Fake doctor arrested at Cuenca hospital

An individual who passed himself off as a gynecologist was captured on Monday morning, March 4, 2019, at the Vicente Corral Moscoso hospital. Police sources reported that the subject circumvented… Read More

From behind bars, Glas still wants a revolution

From the Social Rehabilitation Center (CRS) Cotopaxi, the former Vice President of the Republic, Jorge Glas, sent a message to the militancy of the Citizen Revolution. “Nobody ducks his head.… Read More

What does Galapagos do to control 25 invasive species?

Ants, cats and blackberry plants are among the most aggressive invasive species in the Galapagos, according to the “Invasive Species Management Plan 2019-2029” recently published by the Ministry of the… Read More

Bumba: Enjoy a beer by the fire and the river

Bumba Fruits and Beers is located in a historic house on the banks of the Tomebamba River and under the shade of hundred-year-old weeping willows, at Paseo 3 de Noviembre… Read More

Military searches for weapons

The Third Division of the Tarqui Army and the Weapons Control Center of Azuay intensified the “Camex” operations, or control of arms, ammunition and explosives, in the streets of the… Read More

Bus stop trash a nuisance

In addition to notebooks and folders, Sebastián Flores has in his backpack a garbage bag that he fills with waste that he finds in some bus stops during the trip… Read More

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