Volume 3, Issue 24
From the week of January 6, 2019

A Magic Button

Last week’s column started quite a bit of discourse in the comments section of CuencaHighLife.com. I responded to some of… Read More

Tensions between media and government decreased in 2018

The Superintendent of Communication and Information (Supercom), reports that in 2018 there were only two cases filed against media and journalists in the Azuay province, a trivial figure compared to the 103 cases filed in 2014. “There is less fear to inform” say journalists and… Read More

EMOV Adds More Photo Radar

Throughout Cuenca this week, agents from Empresa de Movilidad, Tránsito y Transporte (EMOV) have been passing out information packets detailing the latest additions to the photo-radar systems that are popping… Read More

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