Volume 3, Issue 42
From the week of May 19, 2019

Palacios begins Mayoral term

This Tuesday, May 14, marked the end of Marcelo Cabrera’s term as Cuenca’s Mayor, and launched the beginning of Pedro Palacios’ chance to point Cuenca… Read More


(Cuenca) The Court of Criminal Guarantees of Azuay sentenced former IESS official Esteban Geovanny D., to three years in prison… Read More

Police enforce bar rules and public drinking on Remigio Crespo

Police officers were deployed in the Remigio Crespo Avenue area during night hours in the weekend of May 13th. They executed “Operation Cerrojo” (Operation Latch), with the aim of fining street drinking as well as to request cars to lower their music noise levels. Within… Read More

Red Cross helping emigrants

The Red Cross is carrying out its new “Migration Plan” at a national level to provide humanitarian aid to people who, for different reasons, have sought refuge in Ecuador, especially… Read More

Taxi drivers angrily awaiting fuel subsidy

Nationwide, taxi drivers are still wafting for the fuel subsidy promised to them when Ecuador raised its gas prices earlier this year. According to an agreement signed on April 1,… Read More

One Of Cuenca’s Bright Lights – Dr. Grace Ordoñez

One of the bright lights that adorn the city of Cuenca is a person with whom many Cuenca residents—especially those from North America–are already familiar: Dr. Grace Ordoñez, affectionately known… Read More

Get busy living

Okay, a lot of people already know, so this is no secret in Cuenca. I’ve been in the US for the past three weeks for cardiac issues. Originally, I thought… Read More

The mystery of the upland sandpipers suicide

The mountain region of Ozogoche is the location of a very strange phenomenon. Here, every year, between August and October, flocks of upland sandpiper birds pass by during their migration.… Read More

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