Volume 3, Issue 33
From the week of March 17, 2019

He was a renaissance man

Last week Cuenca lost an amazing man, much to soon.  It seems that everyone I talk to knew Michel Blanchard. His smile, his wit and his kindness were things that attracted people to him. All one has to do is read the online chatter to… Read More

Stay in touch

Iwasn’t going to write a column this week because I wrote about our friend Michel Blanchard and I didn’t think I had anything else to say after the sadness of… Read More

Sponsors sought to help the aging

The Universidad del Adulto Mayor is an educational institution that has been operating since 2012. Their vision is to educate grown adults towards a healthy elderliness and provide a platform… Read More

Tranvia started tests with passengers

On March 8th, the Tranvia started its awareness campaign by operating with passengers from selected organizations and communities. The idea is to educate the public for a period of 60… Read More

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