Volume 4, Issue 19
From the week of December 8, 2019


Cuenca and National Criminal Activity (Cuenca) Joseph Yanzaguano Morocho, 17, who disappeared on Sunday October 13, in the Paute canton was found dead last Tuesday… Read More

Moreno stands behind actions in October protests

Ecuador President Lenin Moreno does not regret his response to the protests that shook his country last October and believes he did the right thing by trying to eliminate a “perverse” subsidy to fuels that, in his opinion, benefits the “wealthiest,” narcos and traffickers.” In… Read More

Lawmakers spend a day experiencing how unfriendly Ecuador is to the disabled

Last Tuesday, a group of Ecuadorian legislators mimicked the problems a person with disabilities faces daily in order to experiencefor themselves what those struggles entail. And perhaps to a legislate with greater sensitivity towards the disabled. The sensitization exercise was carried out when the International… Read More

Light & Touch Therapy

“If you do something unnatural, then you should expect an unnatural result.” Those were some of the first words that Martyn Luberti said to me when we met to talk about his business, Light & Touch Therapy. And another central theme—that supporting the body to… Read More

The Palora Pastaza Bio-Corridor Project

By Irene Gardner In July 2019, an article entitled The Achuar and Preserving the Amazon appeared in the Cuenca Dispatch, which described the efforts of the Achuar, supported by the… Read More

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