Volume 2, Issue 47
From the week of June 17, 2018

Cuenca history lesson through names and dates

Atahualpa. Gil Ramirez Davalos. Luis Cordero. Padre Aguirre. Presidente Borrero. Remigio Crespo. Abdon Calderón. These names fill the history books of Ecuador, and dot the… Read More

Ducks on the pond in paradise

I have been enchanted with Cuenca since the day I arrived. I’ve also been writing about Cuenca since my earliest… Read More

Friends paint ‘Alan’s bridge’

Officially, it’s the Puente Mariano Moreno. To dozens of expats and some Cuencanos, however, it’s known simply as Alan’s bridge… Read More

Snow falls in Santiago

A rare dusting of snow has fallen in Chile’s capital, Santiago. The icy weather is unusual in the Chilean capital, where… Read More

Weekly Events: June 17 – 23

Cuenca Trivia Night What: Join in for the fun at Cuenca Trivia and test your wits, with emcee and local… Read More

Winter solstice celebrations planned for Cañar

Communities in Cañar Province, north of Cuenca, are planning a full schedule of Inti Raymi, or winter solstice, events June 22 through June 24. In all, twenty-four towns and villages will participate in Andean rituals practiced for hundreds of years to honor of the earth,… Read More

Introduction to the artist and a project proposal

Editor’s Note: Brian Buckner’s photographic exhibition, “Decisive Moment: Hidden Jewels of the Andes” opens Thursday, June 28 at 7 p.m. at the Museo de la Ciudad, corner of Gran Colombia… Read More

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