Home gas delivery prices become the prisoner of supply and demand

The price of gas delivered at your home will not be regulated by the Agency for Regulation and Control of Hydrocarbons (ARCH) and will be subject to the free supply and demand of the product, said Juan Manuel Rodríguez, regional director of the institution. This comes after citizen requests that ARCH establish a value of the product that is sold in trucks and vans.

Rodríguez explained that the price of gas at home includes the cost of the transfer, and since there are different distances between one address and another, it is “virtually impossible” to establish a fee for this service. “We have 244 points of sale and we would have to create 244 different rates because it is not the same to deliver gas on the Remigio Crespo that it is in Sayausí,” he said.

Unauthorized deposits such as neighborhood stores or temporary collection sites in the rural area are also not required to sell the gas at $1.60, Rodriguez added.

Despite this, he said, users who feel affected by the price of gas at home can contact 1-800-LOJUSTO (1800-565-8786) so that the ARCH generates consensus between distributors and users. “If, from one day to the next, the value of gas at home goes up without justification, we can handle that claim,” he said.

Regarding controls on legalized distributors, Rodríguez explained that at the end of 2019, two people were arrested in Azuay who are now going through criminal proceedings against them for irregularities in the sale of gas.

According to Rodríguez, the law gives ARCH competence to control operations only in authorized deposits.”In these sites the value cannot be greater than $1.60 under any circumstances,” he said.

Extracted from Diario El Mercurio