We are all so unimportant

Rainy season is starting here in Yunguilla. What that means is that the mornings bring beautiful sunshine and as the day goes on, rain settles into the valley and brings with it the moisture needed to turn everything green.

And if one is lucky enough (or dumb enough) to get up at 6:15 a.m. as the sun rises, he’ll find, like I did this morning that the fog is still settled below the mountain tops, blanketing everything around him in a veil of mist.

That’s what I woke to this morning. And it was beautiful to see nature at work. Overnight, the rain ended and then the fog formed and slowly rose with the sun. By 8:00 a.m., the last of it had burned off to let me see how perfect a day we are going to have here.

There are a few large white clouds on the horizon, but not the kind that will threaten us with rain, at least not for the next 6 to 8 hours.

Left to its own devices, nature doesn’t care that we are here. It does what it does, when it wants to, and what I want or what I expect, has no impact on it. And it’s good to know that. To understand that I really am nothing in the scheme of things.

I am, I think, a good person. And the people in my life appreciate me and are glad I’m around. But in the larger picture, my life means nothing to the world. I am just visiting here and when I’m gone, eventually everyone who knew me will be gone as well. My legacy will become erased by time.

Knowing that is humbling. It also helps guide me each day. I know that my mistakes mean nothing to the world and my worries are really not all that tragic. I know my actions should be selfless. I should help other people, and not worry about what I have or what I can gain from others. Because all of that, all that any of us think makes us important, is so meaningless. To give meaning to our lives, we need to give to others.

This feeling of unimportance keeps me grounded and helps me appreciate what I have, who I have in my life and how all of the people I don’t know fit into my version of life on this planet.

And so, with that understanding in my life, I find myself so disappointed in what other people view to be the important things in life. I question how they can be so selfish, so hateful and have such disregard for other people.

What’s more, is that I’m disappointed with how people can wear the veil of politics and act like their goal is to help everyone around them. When in fact, it seems more and more that their goal is simply have power. And to pander to their bases to keep their power. To consider all those who oppose them as enemies. To spew vile about them and to blatantly lie, in the face of the world, to keep their fingers clenched around their position.

Even worse, are those who support these people and are willing to make up stories, clearly with no basis in truth, just to push their version of what life is about.

Just yesterday, a well-respected military office testified before the US congress, telling a version of a story that didn’t support a person in power. That led a certain group of newscasters to suggest that this person was “maybe” a spy. There was nothing that implied this to be true except for the person’s place of birth, which he left when he was 3 years old.

That suggestion, as the day went on, became “fact” on that news channel. And it continues today. This military hero is now being painted as a “sleeper agent” of the Ukraine.

This is absurdity. It doesn’t matter what anyone believes politically, religiously, or morally, this is simply wrong. How have we as people, come to believe that it is okay to try to destroy what a person has stood for their entire adult life, just to get what we want?

Any one of us should be able to look at this and tell that it is merely a veil over the truth. It is the fog that covers up what is beautiful about life and people.

But unlike the fog that lifted for me this morning, there is no beauty behind it. There is nothing to look at and marvel about.

Because the people who do this kind of thing are not aware of how unimportant they are in the larger scheme of things. They think they are important. They think what they are doing matters so much that they don’t have to think about truth. They don’t have to consider others. Because they think their legacy will matter. It won’t.

Their legacy will be one of disgust, dishonor and destruction. They should in fact hope that their legacy is forgotten. Because it will not be something that made the world a better place.

Their legacy will only be one of constant rain with no history of feeding the planet what it needs to nourish it. Their legacy will be like a storm that never ends. That washes away everything good with it. That is relentless and caustic. That is how these people will be remembered.

At least by those who also have been humbled enough to know how unimportant each of us really is in the larger picture of life.