Moreno asks the legislature to pass change in law to allow deportation of foreign criminals

Ecuadorian president, Lenín Moreno, asked the National Assembly on Wednesday to approve a bill to reform the Human Mobility Law that would allow authorities to expel foreigners who are arrested for committing crimes in Ecuador.

This law “will allow us to expel and deport those foreigners who come to the country to commit crimes or who are found committing crimes,” Moreno said during a meeting with mayors of the country at the Government Palace, where he signed agreements on citizen security.

“Foreigners who come to visit the country, who come to enjoy the wonders of this country are always welcome (…), criminals are not,” said the president.

This proposed change in law comes after the murder of an elderly Ecuadorian woman by a young Venezuelan who was trying to steal her wallet near a busy shopping center in the center-north of Quito.

Those who “come to harm our society, to murder, to commit crimes, to do organized crime, no, they are not welcome,” Moreno said.

This is a “topic is a priority” and can be solved “if we work in a coordinated way” between the Government, the Police, municipalities and citizens. Moreno stressed that in addition, “security investments must be very well planned.”

He said the National Assembly should process the reform of the Human Mobility Law, that he handed over to them a few months ago. He added that a “State Security Code” that would help the authorities fight crime has been stuck in the legislative process for two years.

“We need it,” said the president, who at the ceremony with the mayors took the opportunity to thank the “courage” of a police officer, Josep Morales, who intervened in the assault on the woman. Morales also help capture the suspect in the crime.

The president added that everyone in all levels of society in the country must work together with the purpose of “having safe cities and towns.”