How is that empowerment?

I’m sitting here listening to 97.3 WKBCO from Denver while I’m writing. The reason is that this was “my” radio station while I lived in Colorado. And the primary DJ’s have been on it since I started listening to it in 1996. Imagine, the same people have been on it for 24 years.

The reason I still listen to them is that the music they play is what I like. They have grown in their tastes as I’ve grown in mine. But neither of us strayed too far from our pure rock core.

Alexa brings KBCO to me through iHeart radio and it’s wonderful. The familiarity of it all brings me comfort. I hear commercials from businesses I remember and I here events and neighborhoods plugged that bring back great memories for me.

Every once in a while, I get the weather report in the background when I’m not paying close attention and I get a brain freeze when they talk about how much snow is coming today! It’s funny because it makes me think of how much time I spent on the slopes and all the ridiculously cold days I insisted on “getting in a few runs.”

But the best thing about listening to them is that I get new songs for my music library. I just hit the “Shazam” app for that on my phone and I learn who the latest musical wonders are, and I then click the link to iTunes and buy the song (Yes, I DO buy the song. I don’t steal them off the internet; we need to support new music).

It’s nice because I don’t have to listen to all the music that makes no sense to me. I like some rap. But to me, most of it is demeaning to women and is nothing but a platform to see how vulgar someone can be before a record label won’t release it or a radio station won’t play it.

I’ve had about all I can take of “songs” like “Girls L.G.B.N.A.F.,” “Lick The Balls,” “Me So Horny,” “She Swallowed It,” etc. I just can’t understand how people listen to this stuff. Am I getting to be that old crotchety man on the rocker on the porch?

No, I’m just a guy who thinks that demeaning women creates an environment where what we know to be wrong somehow slides into the realm of being “okay.” Some of these songs advocate hitting women. Or cheating on them. Or killing them.

Let’s face it, most of this kind of music is made just to see what they can sell before the artist becomes another nobody in the rap scene. Be vulgar, violent and demeaning, make a million bucks.

But hey, I don’t have to listen to it (and make every attempt to not hear it), so why am I worked up about it?

Well, two things happened this week that really made me wonder if I am that guy in the rocker. First, the Superbowl half-time show. I have to say it, “What the hell was that?!”

In a day and age when we are trying to STOP harassment to women and not look at them as nothing but sexual objects, we have two women who are leaders in the industry, get up on stage and give a show that did nothing but objectify them! Now, I’ll give them both credit in saying that as they have aged, they have certainly put in all the work to stay in shape and look beautiful.

But that doesn’t mean that running around half-naked at times, grinding and bumping half-dressed guys and just making the whole thing seem as sexual as possible was necessary. In the #MeToo days, how could they present a show like that to an audience of millions of old men, middle-aged men, young men and boys?

This isn’t me saying they don’t have the right to express their beauty. After all, I am a man. But did it have to be so sexual? Couldn’t it just be about the music? Because the two of them have made some great songs. They are musicians. But “musicians” was not what came to mind while watching that “show.”

I read a column in USA Today that supported their show saying that it was empowering for them to do it and that they have the right to do sexual performances when they want to. Still doesn’t make sense to me.

Okay, before I go, the second thing that made my head sin this week—not music related though—was Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno’s statement of sexual harassment. I won’t go through it all here, so you’ll have to look it up yourself. I’ll just say, “What were you thinking?”

I know what he MEANT to say, but it did not come out right. And it showed an old-school thought on sexual harassment. Moreno (who I support) needs to catch up to the times and really THINK about issue, not just publish an apology.

That’s it for today. Call me old fashioned. Say I don’t understand female empowerment. Accuse me of being a racist for not liking rap. None of that will be true.  But you know that already.

I’m just sayin.’