Conviction rate for femicides hits 86 percent across Ecuador

Over the past 5 years, 86% of femicides prosecuted in Ecuador ended up with a conviction. The first criminological bulletin prepared on the subject indicated that these crimes represent 36% of the cause of violent deaths of women in the country.

The report showed that “86% had a conviction and 82% of all were punished with the maximum penalty, some up to 40 years in jail in particular aggravating cases,” said the director of Criminal Policy of the Prosecutor, Ximena Coello.

Coello offered details of recently published, first official document on femicides in the country. She said that the fiscal body prepared the report in conjunction with other institutions and that it measured the incidence of the femicide since it was typified as a crime in 2014 in the then new Organic Integral Criminal Code (COIP).

The analysis dates from August 2014 to May 31, 2019, although Coello indicates that another twenty cases of deaths due to sexist violence in the country registered in recent months should be added.

Since the data began being collected, there have been 935 violent deaths of women of which “36 percent are femicides.” There are provinces more violent than others and not necessarily because of their high population density.

The common denominator of this type of death is that the victims generally had no economic income, which according to Coello, “goes hand in hand with the analysis of the circles of violence and economic dependence with the aggressor.”

Of special concern is that the aggressors have left a large number of orphaned children – 69 percent of the victims were mothers – and that many of them committed suicide.

Extracted from Diario El Tiempo