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Prado acknowledges that Ecuadorian shrimp has problems entering China

Published on May 11, 2022

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Update to: China says coronavirus found in Ecuador shrimp packaging; Ecuador says all exports meet international biosafety protocols

Published: Volume 4, Issue 41

China’s temporary suspensions of companies in the shrimp sector and the closure of the port of Shanghai have complicated exports of this product.

The Minister of Production, Julio José Prado, stated that Ecuadorian shrimp exports have problems entering Shanghai, China.

“Due to the pandemic in China, specifically in the port of Shanghai, the access of our exportable containers, actually those from all over the world, to one of the most important ports in the world has been complicated,” said Prado.

This impacts, above all, the shrimp sector.

“We are in contact with the commercial office in Shanghai, in Beijing. And also with the Ecuadorian embassy in Beijing and Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín, with a coordinated strategy to be able to solve any problem that arises in terms of access to that market,” Prado said.

Ecuadorian shrimp exports to China have been complicated by the closure of activities in the port of Shanghai, due to outbreaks of Covid-19, which have led to confinements.

To this are added temporary suspensions to companies in the Ecuadorian shrimp sector for alleged findings of traces of Covid-19 in containers.


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