Ecuador achieves four agreements after meeting at the White House

The Secretary General of the Presidential Cabinet, Juan Sebastián Roldán, announced on Wednesday that the four points raised in the meeting between the Cabinets of Ecuador and the United States were accepted in the official visit between the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador. The meeting was the first official visit in the White House between the Presidents of the two countries in 17 years.

Moreno described his dialogue with Trump as historic and highlighted the good relationship between both governments, in contrast to his predecessor, Rafael Correa, who cut several ties with the United States.

Roldán stated that the most important immediate achievement so far is that Ecuador will be part of the “América Crece” initiative, which is a regional initiative of the United States that channels large investors in infrastructure and energy, ports and airports to member countries. With this, the Moreno government expects employment to be generated.

Early in the day, the Minister of Economy, Richard Martínez, and the United States Ambassador to Ecuador, Michael J. Fitzpatrick, signed a memorandum of understanding for Ecuador to be part of the “América Crece,” joining Argentina, Chile, Jamaica, and Panama and the first Latin American countries to do so.

At the start of the day the Minister of Finance also made the request for the inclusion of flowers, tuna in case, artichokes and broccoli, in the General System of Tariff Preferences (GSP).

“The meeting has been a success. Ecuador achieved all that has been raised,” said Roldán, before listing the four points detailed in the meeting: employment, security, education, the fight against corruption.

Regarding security, it was reported that there will be training for Ecuador’s police in the fight against drugs. In addition, there will be the creation of a Criminal Intelligence Center, technology cooperation and training in cybersecurity issues.

In education, Roldán said that Ecuador expects the number of American English teachers who train Ecuadorian teachers to increase to about one thousand; there are currently two hundred US teachers in the program.

Regarding Anti-Corruption, the creation of the Special Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering Unit was agreed to, in which the United States will work with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Government of Ecuador in the effort to stop corruption both in Ecuador and throughout Latin America.

Regarding Venezuela, Roldán pointed out that the two presidents understand that all efforts must be made to bring Venezuela back to peace, recognizing Juan Guaidó as the President of that country.

Roldán announced that the next meeting of the Trade and Investment Council between Ecuador and the United States (TIC) will be in April, in Ecuador, with the top officials of the United States Trade Representative (USTR).