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“You remembered the poor people.”

Published on December 11, 2023

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Last Christmas, we had the immense joy of delivering food packages to one hundred impoverished families in the Yunguilla valley. It was the best gift we have ever given to ourselves.

Here, I’m sharing a few heartfelt words from those we helped. It’s not about boasting but about letting you know the profound gratitude these folks feel for receiving A Simple Box of Food.

“Gracias infinitas.por su buena buenísima ser humano regalando alegría y dibujando en los niños una esperanza de bondad y generosidad. Los pueblos fueran mejores si todos hubieran esa entrega como la de usted.”

This roughly translates to:

“Thank you infinitely for your good, very good human being, giving joy and drawing hope of kindness and generosity in children. The towns would be better if they all had that dedication like yours.”

“Ángeles caídos del Cielo.”

“Angels dropped from the sky.”

“No tenía nada para nosotras para mañana.”

“I didn’t have anything for us for tomorrow.”

And one that really got to me (from the food boxes we left in 2021),

“Te acordaste de la gente pobre.”

“You remembered the poor people.”

So, in case you haven’t caught on, consider this another heartfelt request for your support in our endeavors here in Yunguilla. Whatever contribution you can make will go a long way in spreading Christmas joy to even more families.

Feel free to click on this link to make your contribution: A Simple Box of Food.

As a token of appreciation, here’s a glimpse of some smiling faces from the last year’s Christmas Eve deliveries.



  1. You and your family are truly a gift to your surrounding fellow Ecuadorians… and because so many of us who subscribe to this newspaper, a call goes out to all expats, no matter where they are located. Even a $5 donation helps someone who has less than you, no matter how little you have. Remember, Christmas comes all year long.. We never take our tree down… remembrance ….

  2. Hey, Michael! It’s good to see the Dispatch! To let you know, Gringo Post featured your GoFundMe but I got a “Bad Gateway” notice when tried to look at it. I just got back from a month-long journey and I have no idea where my credit card is (it’s not lost….I just can’t remember where I put it to keep it safe!) but I will subscribe to the paper and send you a donation. Good job always.

  3. Sandy and Frannie, thank you both for commenting. Have a Wonderful Holiday!


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