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Update: Wayra Plaza opens with all of Corporación Favorita brands under one roof

Published on November 27, 2023

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Update to: New Megamaxi set to open in Cuenca in November
Published: volume 8, Issue 1

Corporación Favorita inaugurated Wayra Plaza, its inaugural ‘power center,’ in Cuenca on Friday, November 24th, drawing a substantial early crowd. Álvaro Róthembach, the manager of Corporación Favorita en el Austro, emphasized that this marks the corporation’s first national level ‘power center.’

Distinguished by a more compact format than traditional shopping centers, Wayra Plaza consolidates all brand subsidiaries within a single space. The facility also offers complementary services like cafeterias, a beauty salon, financial institutions, a gym, and more.

The construction of this project commenced in July 2023 with an initial planned investment of $35 million, ultimately cost $40 million to complete.

Róthembach disclosed that Wayra Plaza is expected to create approximately 300 direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs.

Situated on 24 de Mayo Avenue in the Gapal sector, Wayra Plaza spans 52,000 square meters and houses several businesses, including:

  • The first Megamaxi in Cuenca, boasting a sales area of 6,200 square meters and 25 checkout counters.
  • Sukasa’s second location, occupying 4,000 square meters.
  • Juguetón’s second establishment in Cuenca, encompassing an area of 1,440 square meters.
  • Megakiwy, covering about 6,000 square meters.
  • The reopening of Maxitec’s Cuenca premises.
  • The inaugural MaxiPet store.
  • A tattoo shop.
  • An underground parking facility with 700 spaces.

Róthembach underscored the environmentally conscious features of the new infrastructure, such as the utilization of photovoltaic energy, LED lighting, and wastewater and groundwater treatment systems. Additionally, Wayra Plaza includes an electric station and a GIRA recycling point.

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  1. Estamos muy contentos que se haya abierto. Lo vimos bajo construcción la ultima vez que estábamos en Cuenca. Seguiremos apoyando a los pequeños negocios, pero a veces hace falta para buscar los productos que no tienen en otro lado.


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