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Truth is breaking thru

Published on November 18, 2020

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This week we are all being inundated with volumes of witty, angry, happy, stupid, smart, and all-around lifeless columns about what Donald Trump is doing in his reaction to his loss in the 2020 US Presidential Election.

And it’s not just he who is being written about ad nauseum, it’s also the Republican Congress, most of who are, if not openly, then implicitly supporting his behavior.

I will tell you that I expected this spectacle from Don. And even from Lindsey (who mind you, takes the cake as the “Ultimate Ass,” for calling the Georgia Secretary of State and asking him to throw out a bunch of mail-in ballots) and Ted and Mitch.

But I had hoped that there would have been a majority in the right-leaning side of Congress who would have said, “Okay, enough is enough. You’re starting to hurt the country by putting false fear into the stability of our elections system. Stop it now.”

Oh, how naive I can be at times!

Anyway, if history has shown us nothing else, it’s that time heals all wounds, and the US will get thru this current attack on its core foundations. These cads will be seen for who they really are, and their influence will wane.

Even here in South America, where despots ruled with iron fits up and down the continent, the criminals are being exposed (Correa and his crew), the liars are being embarrassed (Bolsonaro) and the people are demanding reform (Peru). It has never been pretty, and at times it is very ugly. But change is a constant. As it has been here, it will be in the US.

So, I’ll wait until January 20, 2020, and I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when at the least, the US installs a sane individual as its Commander in Chief. He will not have an easy road ahead of him, especially not as Don tries to tear it up on his way out.

But what he will have is a list of those who should be thoroughly embarrassed by their actions during this dark time in American politics, and to his true nature I believe he will use that list not to punish, but rather to embarrass these men and women to move forward in doing the right thing. Which is to work for the people who elected them, not for themselves, or for some mysterious villains who lurk in their mother’s basements creating as much false vitriol as they can.

America will survive this, but unfortunately there will be hundreds of thousands of innocent victims along the way who paid the ultimate price for Don’s falsehoods about a vicious pandemic.

But I have hope now.

I know that many will spew venom about Biden and Harris (especially her), but I believe they are up for the task.

My prediction is that this whole thing may still be going on next week when I write my column, but I don’t see it going much past that. The truth is just becoming too evident for even the most imbecilic to deny.

The American people will get a new President soon, who will be trying to serve them. He will stumble, and he will make many mistakes. But he will not be lying himself into corners every hour, of every day.

As for you trolls who will attack what I’ve written here, no worries, I understand. You can’t face truth, so you’ll hide in the shadows and throw your stones. I’m okay with that, because the light of a new day is just around the corner.


  1. I really miss the days when the press reported simply the facts without their personal biased opinions written as if they were truths. “I’m just sayin” that as to journalist Michael you fit right into today’s standards. Congratulations, your opinion was published. Now how about some actual reporting?

    • Bryan, an opinion column offers opinions. If you want news, then all you have to do is look at all the other stories in this issue.

      This has been an opinion column since the 1st issue of this newspaper. It’s NEVER been portrayed as news.

      • just beat me to it Michael!!!!

  2. Dear Bryan. Maybe, just maybe, this is an opinion column? And maybe, the rest of the ‘paper’ is for reporting?

  3. Thanks for the column Michael. I hope you are right that by the week after Thanksgiving the truth of the situation will be evident to disbelievers and Trump advocates.

  4. I subscribed to this site for news, unfortunately that’s not what I’m getting. Please unsub me!!!

    • Chester, I’m sorry that my Opinion column is making you leave the roster of subscribers.

      I will point out that the news on this site (there is always a significant amount of news in each issue) is often difficult to find anywhere else outside of Ecuador.

      And the effort that the owners and their team put into it (I am not one of the owners) is substantial.

      The update on the sentencing for the murder of a local Cuenca expat for example, was not covered in any other English language site.

      Also, the coverage on COVID-19 in Ecuador is extensive and is similarly unavailable from other English language sites.

      I understand that my column does not suit everyone’s taste. I’m sorry that it would be a reason for you to stop reading a valuable news source for Cuenca and Ecuador information.

    • Leaving an information source because you disagree with someone’s opinion is how you become a low information person. Plenty of news here.


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