Some El Centro streets will be pedestrian-only

The Cuenca transportation office has designated six historic district streets as pedestrian-only, explaining that they are too narrow to accommodate the tram, vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Once the tram begins operation, officials say they could eliminate traffic on other tram route streets, depending on traffic flow issues.

Areas to be closed to cars and trucks are, on Gran Colombia from Octavio Cordero to Miguel Heredia and from Miguel Vélez to Coronel Talbot; on Mariscal Lamar, from Hermano Miguel to Mariano Cueva, and from Tarqui to Estévez de Toral. In addition, Mariano Cueva will become pedestrian-only from Gaspar Sangurima to Mariscal Lamar at Civic Plaza, where the east-bound tram track switches from Lamar to Sangarima. On Sangurima, the block from Mariano Cueva to Vargas Machuca will also become pedestrian-only.

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