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Santa Isabel finished construction of its new vehicle technical review center, awaits equipment purchase

Published on October 20, 2020

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The physical space for the Vehicle Technical Review Center (CRTV) of the Santa Isabel canton is ready. The Municipality now has to install all the techincal equipment to get this new CRTV into action.

Santa Isabel becomes one of the first cantons of Azuay with the physical space ready for the operation of a Vehicle Technical Review Center (CRTV).In the province, Cuenca is the only other canton that has this new model of service in place.

The construction of the facilities, located in the Peña Blanca sector, concluded last month, and in the first days of October, the process of provisional acceptance of the work was carried out between the Municipality of Santa Isabel and the contractor company.

It should be noted that some of the early work was carried out under the previous municipal administration, but the current Council hired a new company to complete the pending physical works, that were executed with an investment of approximately $286,000.

The last bit of work that was finished after the pandemic restrictions were lifted was plastering, finishing the walls, painting, laying part of the roofs, as well as the hydro-sanitary works (drinking water-sewerage), plumbing and electrical installation, and construction of walls and enclosures.

The construction company also asphalted an area of about 3,000 square meters for the parking lot and installed a video surveillance system.

According to Javier Zhindón, a representative of the construction company, the work was completed within the stipulated period of 120 days, but the delivery date was changed due to the COVID-19 health crisis; work was suspended in March, only a few days after they had started the job.

Not yet ready for operation

The Municipal Unit for Traffic, Land Transportation and Road Safety (UMTTTSV will move to the new facilities this month. Santa Isabel Mayor Ernesto Guerrero says there is a proposal to form a partnership with the Municipality of Pucará for shared expenses to run the facility, and since Santa Isabel previously invested in the land and construction of the facilities, Pucará would pay for $350,000 of equipment that remains to be bought for the site.

In the event that Santa Isabel cannot reach an agreement with Pucará, Guerrero says the Municipality “would make the necessary investment” to install the equipment on its own, either through its own resources or thru credit from the Ecuador Development Bank.


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