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President Noboa Engages in Diplomatic Talks in El Salvador

Published on June 03, 2024

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Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa arrived in El Salvador on May 31, 2024, to participate in a series of high-profile meetings and events, including the inauguration of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele for his second term. Noboa’s visit was marked by discussions on security, migration, and bilateral cooperation with Bukele, as well as interactions with other notable leaders.

President Noboa’s meeting with President Bukele focused on El Salvador’s “Territorial Control Plan” and other successful security policies. Noboa expressed a keen interest in learning from El Salvador’s approaches to improving internal security, particularly in the areas of anti-gang measures and overall crime reduction.

“We come with a message of peace and collaboration between the two countries. We have similar situations, similar struggles and I believe that by working firmly and together we are going to move our people forward,” said Noboa, emphasizing the importance of shared strategies to combat crime and improve public safety.

The discussions also covered issues like irregular migration, tourism, and trade, with both leaders agreeing to enhance cooperation and information sharing. Noboa highlighted the need to protect migrants from human trafficking and other transnational crimes, stressing the importance of regional cooperation.

In addition to his talks with Bukele, Noboa met with investors from the SIMAN group, a major holding company in Central America. These discussions aimed at expanding Ecuadorian business models into new areas of electronic and commercial innovation.

Noboa also held a bilateral meeting with Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves, discussing joint efforts to strengthen democracy, human rights, and security cooperation. Both leaders recognized the progress made in combating illicit trafficking and organized crime and explored new avenues for enhancing commercial relations and environmental cooperation.

Nayib Bukele’s Inauguration and interaction with Javier Milei

On June 1st, Noboa attended Bukele’s inauguration ceremony, where he was joined by other international dignitaries, including Argentine President Javier Milei. During the ceremony held in Plaza Cívica, San Salvador, Noboa and Milei shared a friendly interaction, reflecting their mutual admiration for Bukele’s tough-on-crime policies.

Noboa had previously attended Milei’s inauguration in December 2023, highlighting the close ties between the two leaders. Both Noboa and Milei have shown interest in adapting Bukele’s strategies to their own countries, particularly in terms of crime reduction and prison system reforms.

President Daniel Noboa’s visit to El Salvador underscored the importance of international cooperation in addressing shared challenges such as security, migration, and economic development. His meetings with President Bukele, President Chaves, and regional investors marked significant steps towards strengthening Ecuador’s diplomatic and economic ties within the region.

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  1. I think there are younger minds at work and the outcome my be better than before


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