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Noboa will launch a popular consultation to overhaul the role of Ecuador’s Armed Forces

Published on October 24, 2023

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During his recent visit to Rome, President-elect Noboa reaffirmed his commitment to propose reforms aimed at combating organized crime and delinquency in the country through a popular consultation within the first 100 days of his term.

On October 23rd, Noboa outlined his plans for a popular consultation aimed at restructuring of the Armed Forces to effectively address issues related to organized crime and delinquency.

In discussions with Antonella Cavallari, the Secretary-General of the Italo-Latin American Institute (IILA), Noboa sought advice on combatting crime, money laundering, and improving prison management, pivotal elements in addressing Ecuador’s security challenges.

Noboa underscored that this input would significantly enhance his Phoenix Plan, designed to restore security and peace within the nation. Furthermore, he expressed interest in leveraging Italy’s expertise in port control to combat drug trafficking.

It is worth noting that a similar reform of the Armed Forces was previously proposed by outgoing President Guillermo Lasso in February.

However, the Constitutional Court deemed it necessary for such a proposal to be addressed in the National Assembly, necessitating a partial constitutional amendment.

Currently, the Ecuadorian Armed Forces can only support the Police in matters of internal security under a state of exception, a measure Lasso periodically invoked to address spikes in insecurity and violence.

Noboa’s itinerary in Italy also includes a meeting with a group of Ecuadorian migrants.

This visit is part of a broader international tour encompassing Spain and the United States. His overseas engagements precede a scheduled meeting of the State Security Council, anticipated to take place this week, where he will receive crucial intelligence reports on the nation’s current situation.


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