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Noboa Stands Firm: No Extradition of Fugitives from Ecuador

Published on May 08, 2024

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Noboa says, “We were not going to allow a fugitive from justice to be extradited from Ecuador.”

During an event held at the Cuartel Modelo in Guayaquil, President Daniel Noboa briefly referenced the arrest of former Vice President Jorge Glas, who is currently detained in La Roca maximum security prison, located in the Main Port.

Noboa asserted that he has faced “attacks,” attributing them to his efforts to expose corruption within the prison system, citing instances where ammunition and rifles were discovered, and emphasizing the importance of upholding Ecuador’s reputation.

“We have garnered respect for Ecuador on the global stage because we refused to allow a fugitive from justice to be extradited from our country. Today, we can affirm that the campaign began on February 6th because all those who have failed in the past and aspire to our position in the future have already initiated attacks,” stated Noboa.

Why is Glas in jail?

In November 2022, Glas was released after his legal team argued that his safety in custody could not be guaranteed.

Subsequently, following new accusations from the Prosecutor’s Office regarding alleged misappropriation of public funds, Glas sought asylum in Mexico in December. He remained within the Mexican Embassy in Quito for several months.

On the night of Friday, April 5, he was apprehended inside the Mexican Embassy in Quito and later transferred to La Roca with a robust security detail.

Since Saturday, April 6, 2024, Glas, convicted of corruption charges, has been incarcerated in La Roca following his apprehension at the Mexican diplomatic premises in Quito, in compliance with court orders due to his failure to adhere to a precautionary measure and a detention order issued for embezzlement in the Manabí Reconstruction case.

Francisco Hidalgo, who filed a habeas corpus petition in favor of the Correismo leader, stated that Glas continues a “radicalized” hunger strike, with restricted access even for his immediate family members.

Meanwhile, Noboa refrained from directly addressing inquiries regarding a real estate project slated for development in the Oloncillo estuary, designated as a “protective forest” in Olón, Santa Elena. The project is to be overseen by Vinazin SA, where Lavinia Valbonesi, the current First Lady, is the majority shareholder.

Protests have erupted in the area this week to oppose the ongoing deforestation of carob trees and mangroves.


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