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Noboa gears up for the financial hurdles he will face with visit to US and meetings with IMF, World Bank and OAS

Published on November 07, 2023

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The President-elect also met with US government officials, investors and trade representatives.

Daniel Noboa Azín, the president-elect of Ecuador, embarked on a crucial leg of his international tour as he touched down in the United States on November 4, 2023. His mission was clear: to secure investments, financial support, and bolster foreign trade in preparation for his upcoming inauguration scheduled at the end of November. Accompanied by his designated ministers and Ecuador’s ambassador to the US, Ivonne Baki, Noboa wasted no time in engaging with key representatives.

On November 5th, the president-elect and his team began their day with a meeting with Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, the vice president of the World Bank overseeing the Latin American and Caribbean region. Jaramillo’s purview extended to 31 countries, managing a substantial portfolio of projects, technical assistance, and grants amounting to nearly $32 billion.

Following this, Noboa and his team convened with the executives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the organization’s headquarters in Washington. The meeting was attended by Rodrigo Valdés, the director of the Western Hemisphere department; James Morsink, the outgoing Deputy Director; Ana Corbacho, the incoming Deputy Director; and Joe Chensavasdijai, the Chief of Mission for Ecuador. This high-level engagement aimed to assess the current state of Ecuador’s relations with the IMF and discuss potential avenues for collaboration.

Simultaneously, a dialogue was initiated with Luis Almagro, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS). This exchange served to strengthen ties with the OAS and explore areas of mutual interest and cooperation.

Diplomacy begins

In the evening, a reception was organized to facilitate interactions between the president-elect, his delegation, and officials from the US government and congress. This provided an opportunity for networking and furthering diplomatic relations.

In the days that followed, a series of meetings were scheduled with a diverse range of stakeholders including investors, chambers of commerce, investment banks, and businessmen. Each encounter was strategically designed to advance the interests of Ecuador in the international arena.

Noboa’s delegation consisted of key figures set to play pivotal roles in his administration. Sonsoles García, designated as the Minister of Production and Foreign Trade, would be instrumental in driving economic growth and international commerce. Gabriela Sommerfeld, who would helm the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, would be responsible for shaping Ecuador’s foreign policy and diplomatic engagements. Iván Carmigniani, appointed as the Secretary of Communication, would oversee the dissemination of information and ensure effective communication strategies.

The close collaborators of the president-elect, including Sade Fritschi, Juan José Reyes, Sariha Moya, Arturo Felix, Cynthia Gellibert, and Katherine Gafter, formed an integral part of the delegation. Their expertise and dedication would be crucial in executing the vision and policies set forth by Noboa’s administration.

Trip followed European tour

Just days after the early second-round elections on October 15th, Noboa had embarked on a whirlwind tour of Europe. His engagements in Italy, France, and Spain were marked by meetings with the Ecuadorian migrant community, discussions with investors and business leaders, and dialogues with government authorities. The focus was on garnering support for education, addressing citizen insecurity, and promoting investments in Ecuador.


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