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Missing 13-Year-Old Found in Cuenca, Suspect to Face Rape Charges

Published on January 15, 2024

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Collaboration of Social Media Tips and Surveillance Footage Guides Authorities to Teen’s Abductor’s location.

In a harrowing incident, 13-year-old Marcia PC, missing since January 12th in Cuenca, was located on Sunday night in the Álvarez citadel, leading to the arrest of a 30-year-old suspect, Humberto R., who is now facing charges of rape. The discovery came after an intense search involving local authorities and the girl’s relatives.

The Municipal authorities in Cuenca had been actively involved in the search since Marcia’s disappearance, with the last known sighting captured on security cameras at Las Candelas Park on Gonzalo Cordero Dávila Street. The footage showed Marcia with a 23-year-old man, described as having long, thin curly hair and a dark complexion.

The breakthrough in the case came through the video surveillance system of the Cuenca Citizen Security Council (CSC) and private cameras. A critical moment was captured on Saturday night when Marcia arrived at Miguel Cordero Dávila Street, and an individual approached, engaged her in conversation, and led her away. Concerned relatives shared a video of the suspect on social media, prompting citizens to provide information.

With the obtained information, the Police successfully tracked the suspect and located him in the Álvarez citadel. On Sunday night, a significant police contingent arrived at the scene, rescuing Marcia and preventing a potential lynching attempt on the suspect by enraged residents.

The minor was immediately taken to a health facility for a medical evaluation, while Humberto R., with a criminal record for carrying weapons, was arrested and will face charges of rape. The Azuay prosecutor, Leonardo Amoroso, confirmed that the hearing to formulate charges is scheduled for Monday morning.

The Mayor of Cuenca, Cristian Zamora, expressed relief at the positive outcome, acknowledging the collaborative efforts that led to Marcia’s safe recovery. He emphasized that the detection of the minor’s location was made possible through the combined use of cameras from the Citizen Security Council and private sources.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits the judge’s decision on the Prosecutor’s Office requests, with hopes that justice will be served in the case of the alleged perpetrator. The family, overjoyed at finding Marcia alive, expressed gratitude for the support received during the challenging two days of searching and uncertainty.


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