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Ministry of Labor Seeks to Incorporate Temporary Work Modality

Published on May 13, 2024

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Minister Ivonne Núñez has emphasized the current relevance of the temporary work modality, attributing it to the enactment of the trade agreement with China.

The Ministry of Labor aims to integrate the temporary work modality into the labor system, as it holds significant presence in the agro-export sector, according to Minister Ivonne Núñez.

Núñez pointed out that Article 82 of the Labor Code addresses “hourly remuneration: daily, weekly, and monthly,” regulated by a ministerial agreement from 2018, deemed necessary by the Ministry. “It is imperative to adopt a work modality that currently plays a prominent role in the agro-export sector, namely the temporary work modality,” she stated during the Radio City program ‘Así Amanecé’ on Thursday, May 9th.

Explaining further, Núñez stated that temporary work modalities may operate under permanent part-time contracts for periods of 6 or 12 months, with the latter containing a contractual clause for renewal.

The Ministry emphasizes the relevance of permanent part-time contracts, particularly considering the recent enactment of the trade agreement with China on May 1st, projecting a significant increase in workforce demand, with approximately 50,000 new jobs anticipated, primarily within this sector.

In addition, Núñez highlighted the outcome of the evaluation conducted by the Ministry regarding youth employment contracts, initiated in December 2023 under the Law of Economic Efficiency and Employment Promotion. The assessment revealed agriculture, shrimp farming, export, and tuna fishing as the sectors with the highest number of contracts among individuals aged 18 to 29.

Furthermore, the Minister reported that over 70,000 new youth employment contracts have been issued to date. In February, the Government announced the creation of 50,000 new jobs, reflecting an increase of 20,000 within the preceding three months.


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