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Microsoft and Ecuador join forces to close digital gaps

Published on November 14, 2022

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Microsoft will cooperate with the government to promote essential skills that create safer environments, develop a workforce prepared for the future, increase connectivity in remote rural areas and promote an inclusive culture and the use of accessible tools in public administration.

The digital transformation and the development of technological skills in the population are, today more than ever, decisive for an inclusive economic recovery.

For this reason, the government of Ecuador, through the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Information Society (MINTEL), signed a Cooperation Agreement with Microsoft last week that seeks to positively impact digital security in Ecuador, close digital gaps by increasing skills technology of Ecuadorian talent, improving their employability, and promoting the expansion of internet coverage that enables education, health and productivity programs in remote areas of the country.

The signing of the agreement was carried out by the Minister of Telecommunications and the Information Society, Vianna Maino, and Francisco Félix, country manager of Microsoft Ecuador, in a meeting of government officials and executives of the technology company.

The agreement seeks to develop a voluntary and non-binding cooperation plan in the following lines of action, among others, that are defined by both organizations:

  1. Cybersecurity: To promote the best global security practices and generate safer digital spaces that enable digital transformation, Microsoft will share knowledge through a theoretical-practical workshop taught by company specialists, aimed at high school students and technical professionals
  2. Training for modern work: Through the “Digital Skills for Employability” program, the agreement seeks to promote capabilities in technologies that seek to increase efficiency and productivity and improve the employability of Ecuadorian talent. The agreement will enable training programs in essential work technologies such as Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and 21st century skills such as programming fundamentals and soft skills.
  3. Connectivity: To improve the well-being and opportunities for economic and social development of remote rural communities, the agreement seeks to promote the expansion of low-cost, high-speed internet connectivity through its Airband program, with local allies, such as with TV White Spaces (TVWS) technology.
  4. Accessibility: To create a culture of accessibility that better serves citizens with different abilities, and thanks to the promotion and training in the use of technologies designed for the inclusion of people with disabilities, the agreement will develop training aimed at public officials to achieve a better interaction of the State with people with visual disabilities.

“It is vital to remember that everything starts from people and is created for people—the support through the Cooperation Agreement that we signed today with Microsoft, will be fundamental in this development process.

We consider all segments of the citizenry, giving priority to the most vulnerable, but always seeking the well-being of everyone, from artisans to businessmen. We all must learn more about the digital world and how it works, what the technological tools are that Ecuadorians have available and how we can take advantage of them,” said Minister Maino.

“Through this agreement and taking advantage of the use of new information technologies, Microsoft ratifies its commitment to Ecuador, with the generation of more opportunities and greater well-being for all Ecuadorians, leaving no one behind.

We are proud to be able to join forces with MINTEL and the government to put technology at the service of the most pressing needs of our country, contribute to improving citizen services, increase the productivity and competitiveness of local talent, and contribute to the process of transition of Ecuador towards an economy based on knowledge and innovation,” said Microsoft’s Félix.


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