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Mayor of Cuenca requests a new airport for the city

Published on March 31, 2021

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Last week, the Mayor of Cuenca issued a letter to Ecuador’s two final Presidential candidates for the April 11th election.

Pedro Palacios, Mayor of Cuenca, issued a statement on his official social media accounts to make requests to the two candidates who will contest the ballot: Andrés Arauz and Guillermo Lasso. Among the requests, he cited the need for the city to have a new airport.

“Cuenca is the third largest city in the country and the first in terms of economic development,” emphasized the mayor.

In several areas, Palacio recommended new actions in the city’s favor for the two candidates. This, in the face of the triumph and rise of a new government.


Regarding security, the mayor requested the return to the original plan for the Turi Social Rehabilitation Center.

“The Regional category as it was initially granted,” he stressed.

Likewise, he wrote that it is necessary to comply with the rule of four policemen for every thousand inhabitants. In other words, according to the Mayor, Cuenca would need 2,300 police. In addition, he warned that the town has only 17 Community Police Units (UPC) and by rule, there should be at least 41.

Economic development, employment and entrepreneurship

Government credits (loans) were the main points around the Mayor’s economic issue. Palacio requested that credits be provided for the development of enterprises with the participation of the cantonal and parochial Decentralized Autonomous Governments.

Likewise, he said that it is necessary to have access to credits for industrial development to boost local employment.

In favor of businessmen, he said that it is urgent to reduce the tax burden for companies that apply employment generation policies.


Faced with the critical situation in education issues during the health emergency, the Mayor asked that special rates be applied for internet service. The objective, he said, will be to facilitate access for students, but especially those from the most remote areas.


For the mayor, it is urgent to attend to citizens on issues such as the approval of qualifying titles, management of the mixed transport system, issuance of licenses and traffic control on state roads that cross the urban areas of the canton.

Likewise, he requested the revision of the tax distribution and redistribution model towards Cuenca. This, depending on the special conditions and resources that the productive and commercial sectors have.

Environment and Ecology

The mayor also spoke of the work to mitigate the harmful effects against the environment. He requested that the new President facilitate the approval of the delimited areas for the protection of the water recharge zones that supply Cuenca.

In addition, the application of environmental service rates for the Cajas National Park area needs to be allowed. Palacio said that his is needed to finance the management of forest rangers and generate true conservation measures in the protected area.


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