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“Let’s not get confused, we attack criminal economies, not politicians.”

Published on March 11, 2024

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Noboa reaffirms his backing of Salazar as she unveils the creation of a novel Property Investigation Unit aimed at confiscating assets belonging to convicted criminals.

At the conclusion of the second Penitentiary and Citizen Security Conference in Quito, Prosecutor Diana Salazar delivered a resolute message, emphasizing the imperative to intensify efforts against organized crime. While acknowledging the ongoing initiatives by the government, she urged citizens not to be swayed by distractions, emphasizing the critical need to target criminal economies rather than individuals.

Salazar underscored the establishment of the Property Investigation Unit within the State Attorney General’s Office, tasked with identifying and prosecuting unlawfully acquired assets. She stressed the significance of reforms to the Organic Code of Asset Forfeiture, already partly approved by the Assembly and included in a popular consultation endorsed by President Daniel Noboa.

Emphasizing the importance of impartiality, Salazar insisted on conducting rigorous, politically untainted investigations. “Let’s not get confused,” she asserted, “We attack criminal economies, not politicians.”

In a direct appeal to the media and public opinion, Salazar cautioned against veering attention away from combating corruption schemes. She warned against surveys that might foster false expectations among citizens, urging a steadfast focus on the overarching goal of rooting out corruption.

Expressing gratitude for governmental support, Salazar commended President Noboa for ensuring her safety and that of her team through the National Police. She acknowledged the administration’s commitment to tackling organized crime and pledged coordinated efforts while safeguarding institutional independence.

Noboa gives full support

President Noboa reciprocated Salazar’s sentiments, attributing his government’s contributions to empowering the Prosecutor’s Office to undertake operations like Metastasis and Purge without fear. He emphasized the collaborative endeavor between various executive institutions to combat crimes such as tax evasion and financing of terrorist groups, affirming an unwavering commitment despite fiscal challenges.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Noboa identified “white-collar terrorists” as financiers of criminal enterprises, including seemingly reputable corporations. He heralded the interinstitutional agreement as a pivotal step towards identifying and neutralizing these perpetrators, underscoring the necessity of confidentiality and exclusivity to ensure the efficacy of investigations.

The collaborative effort, as outlined in the agreement, signifies a proactive stance against the insidious influence of organized crime, reflecting a concerted commitment to safeguarding societal integrity and security.

Additionally, Salazar’s call for reforms and steadfastness in tackling criminal networks resonated with attendees, sparking discussions on the role of citizens in supporting law enforcement agencies. The conference concluded with a renewed sense of determination to combat organized crime and uphold the rule of law.


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