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Lasso Announces 50% Internet Discount for Seniors

Published on July 12, 2021

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President Guillermo Lasso signed a decree to reduce by 50% the value of the consumption of the basic Internet plan and mobile telephony for the elderly. The so-called ‘Senior Plan’ will benefit 1.3 million people over 65 years of age.

Minister of Telecommunications Vianna Maino explained that from now on those seniors who access a mobile plan, in addition to lower cost, will have better access. “Among those benefits will be 200 minutes of voice in all fixed and mobile operators, free consumption within the operator itself, 200 written messages, 5 gigabytes of free browsing, 2 gigabytes in collaborative platforms and free megabytes for an instant messaging platform such as WhatsApp.”

This initiative was developed and managed by the Ministry of Telecommunications, in order to reduce the digital divide in the most vulnerable populations. In order to carry out the measure ordered by the Head of State, the regulations of the Law of the Elderly were amended.

The President said the benefits will also go to prepaid senior users. “They will access services such as telemedicine, tele-education and other benefits with internet from their own homes, which in their basic residential fixed internet plan will also have a 50% discount.”

A statement from the General Secretariat of Communication, reported that 5 out of 10 Ecuadorians have a cell phone with Internet access, and two of these correspond to older adults. In addition, it indicated that the benefits are possible “thanks to the collaboration of private telephone companies.”

“This is the first of many actions we will take to bridge the digital divide; the idea is to improve the life opportunities of all Ecuadorians,” said the President.


  1. Hope it’s not another subsidy… Charging more for gasoline but giving cheaper internet 🙁

    • As I live out in the country south of Cuenca I certainly hope CHABELOTV WILL HONOR THE NEW LAW ❓

  2. There will always be cry babies that’s life if you came to Ecuador on food stamps you have a problem that’s a fact old people come first here not transplanted people

    • Hmm. I am so-called “transplanted” but also 72 and on a fixed income.

  3. My god, the cynics love to come out of the closet on anything the government does.
    How’s about, just for a change, we applaud Lasso’s action & thank the government
    for something that could
    that should benefit all of us seniors.

    You have my ok to publish my name, a thankful expat.
    Mike Lentin.

  4. MIKE LENTIN I agree with you 100%. Thank you President Lasso for saving me money and taking care of the elderly.


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