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It was really all about character

Published on November 04, 2020

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Well, today is election day in the United States. Because of editorial deadlines, I won’t know who has won before I have to turn this column in. In reality, because of all of the early voting, I (and you) probably won’t know for some time who won. Imagine, some states actually have rules that they can’t begin counting early votes until election day. Seems to be self-defeating, no?

But that aside, I had to write something about this election. For me, it was really all about character. Because two of the biggest issues that I cared about, the Supreme Court, and a woman’s right to decide what to do about her body, have already been forced down America’s throat by a Senate that chose to break its own rules.

The other issue in my top three, and not necessarily number three, is climate change. I believe in science. I believe that climate change may be the biggest thing that America, and the world, will be facing within the next 10 years. And I don’t believe that the current President will ever believe the science. Or, if he does, it doesn’t fit with his plans to make everything about money. Either way, he’s not my guy for dealing with it.

Okay, character. I’ll just say this. I don’t know how any mother could possibly say, “I want my son to act just like Donald J. Trump when he grows up!” Seriously. I can’t see it.

He is a liar. And even his supporters know it. But they don’t care. They want the image of America he is peddling, and they don’t care how he acts if he gets it for them.

Biden on the other hand, well… the DNC should have thought about putting up a candidate who would not be the oldest sitting President ever if he should get elected. I think that is going to hurt them.

Nonetheless, I trust him. I don’t feel that I have to fact check every word that comes out of his mouth. I certainly don’t worry that he will be calling his opponents throughout the world all sorts of childish names. I don’t have any concerns that he is a racist. I trust his character.

With all that, I have to face the fact that Trump may win again. If that happens, I have to say that I will be somewhat ashamed to be an American. Because that will mean that more than half of the country voted for someone who they knew had a horrible character. Someone who leaves it open for interpretation as to whether or not he is a racist. Someone who has assaulted women.

But, while I will be ashamed that America made this choice, I will put down my pen and stop writing about what he does for the next four years. Because it will serve no purpose. Those who are willing to open their eyes to his true character and what he is doing to America, will not need me to point it out to them. Those who don’t, won’t see it no matter what I write. And there will not be another election with Donald Trump in it, so my words won’t matter.

What I hope happens is that Biden wins, that there is a peaceful transition, and that America can begin to heal the divisions that the current President has helped to create. But even if he does win, that may be too much to expect.

If he doesn’t win, then America will simply have to live with the knowledge that the world will begin to question the character of its citizens, as well as its President.

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  1. Michael, agree with all that you are saying. Thanks! At this point, Biden is close but not there yet. Unnerving at this point. Jane


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