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Have a Happy Holiday Season

Published on December 19, 2023

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This marks my final appeal for support this year as we strive to help families in the Yunguilla Valley.

By now you have heard of A Simple Box of Food, our initiative to bring underprivileged families here in the valley food for a few days, and some sweets, coloring books, colored pencils and pencil sharpeners for their kids. Simple food and simple gifts.

But if you could just see the joy these simple things bring to their faces, I know you’d want to give.

Or if you could see a mother crying because she didn’t have anything for her children for the next day, not gifts or food. You’d want to give.

So, I am going to leave you this year with one photo of a woman who did just that last year. She cried with joy because she was going to have something for her family to eat on Christmas day.

P.S. We met and surpassed our goal this year!  With any additional funds, we’re purchasing as many extra bags of rice as possible. Please help us to provide food to these families for as many days as possible. Simply follow the link above or click here: A Simple Box of Food.


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