From behind bars, Glas still wants a revolution

From the Social Rehabilitation Center (CRS) Cotopaxi, the former Vice President of the Republic, Jorge Glas, sent a message to the militancy of the Citizen Revolution. “Nobody ducks his head. The revolution goes for long, we will face this and, in the end, after the darkest thing that we are living, after that, the dawn comes, “he added.

“How I miss seeing them, they do not know how I miss their hugs, they do not know how I miss the usual affection of all the compañeros and compañeras. So force all those who are also being persecuted by the Comptroller, justice, I send a hug, “he began saying in his recorded message.

During a political event, regarding the elections of March 24, the Ex-Second Mandario called to “fight with force”. “Overcome. To that militancy, which are you, in essence, in spirit, always of our beloved revolution. ”

Last week, the Judge of Penitentiary Guarantees Geovanni Freire denied the transfer of the Center for Social Rehabilitation (CRS) sought by former Vice President Glas, by appealing to the administrative act that served to take him, in August 2018, from Jail 4 in Quito to the CRS of Cotopaxi, in Latacunga.


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