Ecuador withdraws Assange asylum, let’s Brtis arrest him

On Thursday, April 11, 2019, Ecuador officially withdrew asylum that had been granted the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, “for repeatedly violating international conventions and protocol of coexistence,” the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“The Chancellery of Ecuador informs that the President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno Garcés, today ordered the termination of the diplomatic asylum granted in 2012,” the note states.

The founder of the WikiLeaks portal was arrested on Thursday at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, after it authorized the British police to enter the premises and once the Ecuadorian government decided to withdraw the asylum.

“The granting and termination of diplomatic asylum is the sovereign power of a state,” explains the note, which details that “the decision of Ecuador has taken place after having the guarantees granted by Great Britain that there are no risks to the life and integrity of Mr. Assange. “

“Great Britain has offered guarantees, at the request of Ecuador, that if a request for extradition were to be filed, it would not be delivered to a country where the death penalty could be imposed and executed or be subject to torture or ill-treatment,” he added

Required by the British Justice for violation of precautionary measures when it went through an extradition process to Sweden a few years ago, Assange has been canceled as an asylee “for his repeated violation of the norms established in the inter-American conventions on diplomatic asylum in Havana (1928) and Caracas (1954) “.

Also, “for the breaches of the Special Protocol of Coexistence of the Embassy” that Ecuador had given him in August, after several political pronouncements on internal issues of third countries.

“The ambassador of Ecuador in London (Jaime Marchán) has formally notified Mr. Assange of the decision to terminate the diplomatic asylum” and he has left the Embassy escorted by the English diplomatic police,” the note said.

Now “he must appear before the British courts; to the best of our knowledge, he does not now and have any request for extradition from the United States.”

In recent months, Quito was negotiating with London a diplomatic solution to the continued asylum of Assange, an agreement that he rejected because it included the fulfillment of six months in prison in Britain

“Ecuador is a country with open arms, a government that respects the principles of international law, including asylum,” President Lenin Moreno said today in an institutional video broadcast to the media.

And he justified his decision to end the asylum in “the disrespectful and aggressive behavior of Assange” and the “discourteous and threatening statements towards Ecuador” of recent months, in which he even sued the Ecuadorian State for “violation of rights.”

Extracted from El Tiempo

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