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Daniel Noboa and the newly appointed Military Chief discuss a campaign against organized crime.

Published on December 04, 2023

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President Daniel Noboa inaugurated the new leadership of the Armed Forces, expressing confidence that their collective efforts would lead to victory in the ongoing battle against insecurity.

President Daniel Noboa inaugurated the new leadership of the Armed Forces on November 30, 2023, expressing confidence that the collective efforts would triumph in the war against insecurity. The event, held at the Carondelet Palace, showcased the officers constituting the revamped High Command, introduced by Giancarlo Loffredo, the Minister of Defense.

In his address, Loffredo emphasized the necessity for societal reinvention, asserting that decisive actions were paramount. The overarching goal was to restore peace by confronting a common adversary: organized crime. The Noboa administration underscored the significance of life and the pursuit of progress, aiming to convey a message of unity in the execution of its security plan. The collaborative involvement of the police, military, and citizens was emphasized as pivotal.

The Minister of Defense outlined the new mission for the Armed Forces – to serve as a pillar in safeguarding citizens and ensuring a tranquil nation. The selection of the High Command members was justified as aligning with the demands of the current situation.

Loffredo fervently declared, “It is time to show the world that the Ecuadorian Armed Forces do not know fear,” reiterating the Executive’s unwavering support for the newly appointed military leaders.

Vela: “We must wage war”

Following the swearing-in ceremony, Jaime Vela, the new head of the Joint Command, acknowledged the prevailing lack of peace and unprecedented violence in Ecuador.

However, he commended the resilience of the populace who, despite inadequate security, continued contributing to the country’s development through daily work. Vela asserted the need to “wage war” for peace, emphasizing that the commitment to this endeavor extended beyond the military to encompass every citizen.

Noboa: “I promise to give you my full support”

President Noboa, in his remarks, referenced the consistent credibility of the Armed Forces over the past 25 years, citing studies indicating widespread trust in the institution. Expressing his trust in the military, he implored the new officers to assist in navigating the security crisis. Noboa pledged full support, expressing confidence that collective efforts would prevail in restoring peace to the Ecuadorian people, families, and youth.

The president articulated the vision that citizens should feel secure in every corner of the country, emphasizing the importance of safe borders, ports, neighborhoods, and public spaces for the well-being of individuals and the smooth functioning of family and work activities.

Noboa concluded his speech by committing to work daily to turn Ecuador around from its current problems.

“Today I commit to giving you my full support every day that I am at the head of this Government and to work every day to return peace and glory to the Ecuadorian Government,” said Noboa at the end of his speech.


  1. I have been impressed by the appearance and presence of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces members in public since I have seen them standing shoulder to shoulder with the police forces.

  2. Only the Armed Forces has the manpower, arms and esprite de corps to take on the cartels .Their way of operating will probably cause some apprehension among civilians, but with good leadership and success, and government support,they will become our saviors.

  3. Very, Very HARSH punishment needs to be forcefully and quickly enforced against any member of the Armed Forces and all of the Law Enforcement agencies. Way too many times the efforts to control lawless activities are hampered by insiders “on the take”. The reality of severe punishment for such activities needs to overpower the greedy thirst of personal enrichment!


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