Cuenca’s rivers overflow…again

The rate of flow of Cuenca’s rivers continues to increase and the waters are once again overflowing their banks throughout the city due to this week’s heavy rains.

The danger these rapidly flowing rivers brings means you need to take extra precautions when you are travelling on their nearby trails, or maybe just leaning over to take a photo.  Both the Cuenca Fire Department and Red Cross are calling on citizens to take precautions and stay away from the shores.

They recommend avoiding any activity in the vicinity of the banks of the Tomebamba, Yanuncay, Tarqui and Machángara, since with the rains these spaces become slippery.

In many parts of the city, the rivers are overflowing their banks; because of the volume and speed of the water, trails that look safe one moment can quickly change to areas of flooding that can soon turn situations dangerous.

Nothing is more deceptive than the edge of a wet river.  Beware!

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