Cuenca will have a new Ludic Botanical Garden


The Municipality expects to begin construction of a Municipal Botanical Garden in June as part of the Cinturon Verde, or green belt, project.  The project has the mandate to help fulfill the goal of providing at least 12 square meters of green space per each citizen by 2019. (currently, there are 9.3 square meters for each Cuencano).

The botanical garden project is fully funded at a cost of $4,500,000. Authorities expect to finish the contracting process in 60 days and begin construction shortly thereafter.  Municipal authorities hope to finish this garden in 12 months.

The garden is designed to encompass 21 hectares, however, this first phase will be  5.8 hectares have an island-like feature between the Tarqui and Yanuncay rivers near Universidad del Azuay. The new park will also incorporate the area around the Office of  Municipal Sewage, Water and Communication Management, (ETAPA), near Tres Puentes.

Along with the construction of the park, additional infrastructure work is scheduled for the area, such as improving the sewage and potable water works and paving nearby roads.  Additionally, a historic patrimonial home on the property will be restored for public use.


The garden will a research laboratory and classrooms where citizens will be able to learn about native plants, animals, and traditional farming techniques.

Source: El Mercurio