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Cuenca Mayor Cristian Zamora’s first 100 days

Published on August 28, 2023

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Cristian Zamora, the newly appointed mayor of Cuenca, has hit the ground running during his first 100 days in office. His primary focus has been on fulfilling the commitments he made during his campaign, and his endeavors are already yielding tangible results.

A key campaign pledge of Zamora’s was to terminate a contentious contract for speed cameras that had been approved by the previous administration. On August 25, 2023, Zamora publicly announced the termination of the contract for speed control radars installed in the Azuayan capital, likening it to the “issuance of their death warrant.”

The announcement was met with enthusiastic applause from his supporters, as he highlighted that this campaign promise had been successfully honored within his initial 100 days in office.

This action comes despite the World Health Organization’s (WHO) assertion that “speed management is vital for saving lives and enhancing urban living.”

“The death warrant has been issued today; we’re simply awaiting the appropriate moment to put them to rest,” the mayor stated.

Prior to deactivating the devices, Zamora ensured a transitional phase, encompassing signage updates and public awareness campaigns.

“While the radars remain operational, their days are numbered; they’ve been deactivated following today’s official declaration,” he emphasized.

Zamora had made the elimination of these devices a centerpiece of his electoral campaign in February 2023.

The mayor refrained from detailing the specific terms under which the contract with the private company Movil Technology, signed under the Pedro Palacios Mayor’s Office, would be terminated.

Hands-On Leadership

Zamora stands out for his hands-on leadership approach and direct engagement with the public. He has maintained the same style employed during his campaign by directly interacting with the community. Zamora has traversed various parts of the city to connect with residents, and he’s made it a priority to keep communication channels open.

One innovative approach he’s adopted is designating a particular day each week for citizens to visit his office without requiring prior appointments. This accessibility has resonated strongly with many residents.

A central strategy for Zamora’s first 100 days has been maintaining direct communication with the public. He has not only encouraged citizens to visit his office but has also utilized social media, particularly X (formerly Twitter), to disseminate updates, announcements, and even respond to public inquiries. This digital approach complements his pursuit of a more transparent and open administration.

The mayor also hosts a segment on the municipal radio titled ‘Hello Mayor?’, where he takes calls and messages from citizens while providing a brief overview of his week’s activities.

Zamora’s approach to collaboration is refreshing. He’s shifted away from confrontational politics and is concentrating on productive cooperation with other officials, including those from opposing parties. His partnership with Juan Cristóbal Lloret (Citizen Revolution), the prefect of Azuay, to address shared concerns like infrastructure and security underscores his commitment to finding common ground.

Delivering on Commitments

Beyond the radar cameras, Zamora has also prioritized other promises he made to the electorate. Bolstering security has been a key focus, with heightened vigilance in areas prone to issues and initiatives to transform contentious spaces. While these actions have garnered both support and opposition, they underscore Zamora’s determination to honor his commitments.

As he progresses through his roster of “101 promises for Cuenca,” Zamora faces the challenge of navigating financial constraints associated with governance. The task of reconciling aspirations with fiscal realities is evident, yet his resolve remains unwavering.

In his inaugural 100 days, Cristian Zamora has demonstrated his role as an action-oriented mayor. He is translating his campaign commitments into tangible strides, engaging directly with the community, and fostering collaborative efforts for effective governance.

While challenges undoubtedly lie ahead, Zamora’s early endeavors signal his approach to fulfilling the trust bestowed upon him by the people of Cuenca.


  1. What is going to happen to the 13 or 14 story building on Ordoñez Lasso y de la Higuerilla? It has been empty for 6 years and is an eye sore to the neighborhood with the surrounding barricade. There are people living in it. Is it the property of the city, province, government or private owner?
    Please advise and thank you for the opportunity to ask a question.

  2. Thanks for the question: I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for any information and post here if I find anything.


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