(Cuenca) A woman was attacked at knife point in a restaurant located on the Bajada del Padrón (the small street that connects Calle Larga to Beningo Malo) by a subject who managed to escape. Witnesses said that around 11:30 on Tuesday, an individual approached the victim, presumably with the intention of taking some belongings, but when he was discovered he stabbed the woman and ran off. The attacker was described as an intoxicated and wearing a brown T-shirt and a cap.

(Cuenca) A member of the Armed Forces, assigned to a military unit in the canton of Cuenca, was sentenced to 40 days in prison for physically attacking his 26-year-old wife. Investigators said the soldier caused injuries to his wife’s head and nose.

(Cuenca) The night and early morning of this Tuesday, April 9, 2019, personnel of the National Police, carried out asearch and seizure operation in several sectors of Cuenca.According to authorities, these operations seek to prevent robberies and drug sales. These operations will be constant to safeguard the safety of citizens.

(Cuenca) Last Sunday, as a result of two simultaneous operations led by civilian transit agents, 25 people were arrested for drunk driving and one for not carrying the license that enables them to drive.

(Turi) Criminal acts registered in the last months in the Turi parish have alerted its inhabitants who are looking for mechanisms to improve security.The last thing that shocked the community was the abduction of a nun who serves in the parish, said Turi’s parish priest, Enzo Amato. Official Walter Rodríguez, in charge of the UPC Turi, explained that his unit currently works with nine police officers and one officer, who have a single patrol vehicle “to cover the 24 communities and the parochial center”.

(Gualaceo) Two citizens were found dead this weekend in the canton of Gualaceo, in circumstances that are yet to be clarified.The last case was recorded on Sunday morning at Ignacio Jaramillo Street, at Roldós Street, where a young man about 20 years was found dead on the roadside. Another finding occurred on Saturday inSumblid, Luis Cordero parish, on the Gualaceo-Limón highway, where officers found a body that presumably fell from the ditch towards a slope of approximately five meters high. The deceased was identified as 59-year-old native of Huinzhun, RemigioCrespo parish.

(Guayaquil-Cuenca) A 19-year-old girl was the victim of sexual abuse while traveling from Cuenca to Guayaquil on a public transport bus this past Monday. According to the investigations carried out by the Azuay Prosecutor’s Office, the interprovincial bus left at 6:00 a.m. on Monday from the Terrestrial Terminal in Guayaquil. The victim was seated next to the accused 34-year-old attacker. While the girl tried to sleep, the subject allegedly took her hand and placed it on his private parts.
The girl notified her mother—who was riding on the same bus—who then contacted ECU 911 authorities. At kilometer 76 the alleged aggressor was then arrested,