(Cuenca) During the early hours of Wednesday, April 17, 2018, staff of the Judicial Police together with the Prosecutor’s Office, the GOE and Dinapen carried out the operation “Avalancha 183.” Six people were arrested.

From Tuesday night to early Wednesday morning on Cayambe Street, a criminal organization dedicated to the sale of controlled substances was dismantled. Police personnel conducted four raids in the sector, where they seized a firearm, four ammunition, 205 grams of drugs and cash, cell phones, jewelry and other items.

(Cuenca) Juan Alejandro J., 52, was sentenced to nine years and four months in prison for the crime of sexual abuse of a 35-year-old disabled woman. The Azuay Prosecutor’s Office reported that relatives of the victim reported that on January 10, 2018, Juan Alejandro J., sexually assaulted his niece.

On April 10th and 11th, after 30 testimonial and evidentiary documents were presented, Alejandro J. was convicted and sentenced.

(Cuenca) Last week, two young men who were found dead in Machángara, each one, with a shot in the head.  The two victims have been identified as Bryan Steven Acurio Castro, 20 years old, and Jordy Javier León Meza, 18. They were found in the National Flag and Panamericana Norte, next to the bridge over the river Machángara. The general of the Zone 6 of the National Police, Fernando Correa, explained that initial investigations, showed “the victims had psychotropic substances (drug) on them, we could be talking about some adjustment of accounts.”

(Cuenca) Judges of the Chamber of Criminal Guarantees of Azuay ratified the sentence of 22 years in prison against Juan Pablito T., for the crime of rape to his former roommate. On February 20, 2018, the victim, 23 years old, was walking through the Feria Libre, when she was intercepted by Pablito T., who forced her to climb a bus that was driven by him. After traveling several kilometers he stopped to sexually assault her.

(El Valle) Citizen complaints alerted the police that a woman, with a thick build and blond hair, was selling drugs around an educational center located in El Valle. On Friday afternoon, agents of the Anti-narcotics Police carried out an operation and arrested the presumed micro-trafficker.

The police report states that the woman tried to get rid of the drug by throwing two wrappings on the floor and then voluntarily gave other doses that she had hidden among her clothes, which in total weighed 12.9 grams of cocaine base, equivalent to 129 doses that were going to be commercialized in El Valle. The alleged micro-trafficker was identified as Gabriela AM, 21, and was detained for investigations

(Baños) On Saturday the 13th or April, an extensive operation known as “Cerrojo” was carried out by 57 policemen in the parochial center of Baños.

A group of uniformed police checked vehicles and their occupants, while another police contingent and officials of the Police Administration were dedicated to inspecting bars and clubs, to verify if they met the operating standards.

During the review of the vehicles, the soldiers found a revolver under the seat of a car, which is why four occupants were arrested, then one of them was prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office for illegal possession of firearms.

(Guayaquil) A confrontation on Monday, April 15, 2019 inside the Regional Prison of Guayaquil resulted in at least two dead and five others wounded by firearms, according to authorities of the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to preliminary reports, the incident occurred around 10:00 when two groups – for reasons that are still unknown – faced gunshots in an area of the prison center, located in the north of Guayaquil.It should be noted that in this penitentiary center are the inmates considered most dangerous.