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Before you book that airline ticket

Published on March 16, 2021

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The restrictions due to COVID-19, as well as the lack of control of cases here, are causing several countries to block entry of those coming from Ecuador, in some cases regardless of vaccination or PCD test status.

Over the last several months, the restrictions for entering countries throughout the world have increased. They are being implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to block the new variants of the virus from being introduced into other international regions.

In January, the United Kingdom banned flights from South America due to the variants that began to emerge on the continent. Other countries reacted to this, imposing their own measures, some of which are still in pace.

Even in those countries where the restrictions have been lifted, a negative PCR test result upon admission is still required.

These are now at least nine countries that prohibit the entry of Ecuadorian citizens(and/or those travelling from Ecuador) to their territories:


Thru March 31, flights from South America are still prohibited in The Netherlands. Some flights that are refueling in The Netherlands are being allowed. Also, some South American nationalities are being allowed to connect thru The Netherlands as long as they have proof of travel to another country that will allow them to enter (Ecuador is not on that list).


The British Government does not allow people who have spent the last ten days in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela to enter the country. This does not apply to British citizens or residents of Ireland or the United Kingdom.


The country has suspended the entry of foreign visa holders, with the exception of those with a visa issued after March 28, 2020, with a place of issuance outside mainland China, as well as those with visas issued after November of 2020.


Portugal is in the process of changing its travel restrictions; it has been closed to travel from all but few countries (e.g., Spain), but intends to update to more lenient rules this month.


This South American country still maintains severe restrictions regarding entry, and only allows it for those who are nationals and residents of Uruguay or whose place of birth (and their children) is Uruguay. It also allows the transit of passengers from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to Montevideo or Punta del Este.


Argentina had restricted entry into the country to only those who held a visa. However, those restrictions are being revised this week.


Ecuador does not have established direct flights with this nation; to get there in most cases requires a stopover in the United States. Thru March 21st, Canada is prohibiting the entry of passengers from the US, though it has established certain exceptions.


Russia is currently maintaining it prohibition of entry of passengers from South America. This does not apply to Russian Federation nationals and their relatives, permanent residents of Russia, and some other exceptions.


Thru April 6, 2021, Italy is not allowing the entry of South American passengers, with the exception of those who have a long-term residence permit or a long-term D visa and other geographical exceptions.

There are other countries that have not prohibited the specific entry of Ecuadorian citizens, however, to authorize entry it is necessary to present negative results of a PCR test for COVID-19 carried out within 48 hours of travel.


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