5 Expats suffer minor injuries in Cajas traffic accident

Four Americans and one Philippine citizen were slightly injured during a traffic accident that occurred around 6:00 PM on Saturday night on the road to the Cajas.

Police say the accident occurred when a Chevrolet Rodeo smashed into the back of a vehicle being driven by the expatriates. In an attempt to avoid a collision with the stopped vehicles, a third driver behind the accident lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a light post.

Fire department personnel and IESS paramedics treated the 5 occupants of the expat’s vehicle for minor injuries. Their injuries did not require hospitalization.

All the vehicles involved in the accident were transferred to the CTE vehicular retention yards.

Brad Littlepage who was in the accident commented the following:

The car that hit the power pole drifted to the curb bounced against the curb a few times then popped up over the curb and hit the power pole. We were behind that car. Then the car behind me hit me because I braked hard because the power lines and pole fell in the direction of the roadway. after I braked hard then I accelerated as the power lines fell above the roadway and above my car. The car behind me swerved to avoid hitting me when I braked but not fast enough and he hit me. The driver behind me and I drove quickly as possible to avoid hitting the overhead lines. We were concerned they were still electrified. The car that hit the power pole caused the accident with my car and the car behind me that impacted us.