Being poor is not a crime (yet)

This week in The Cuenca Dispatch there are a few stories about the influx of Venezuelan immigrants, their inability to get the healthcare promised them… Read More


Cuenca Area Traffic Accidents Two people died in an early morning traffic accident on Wednesday on the Cuenca – Loja road, sector Barin – Susudel,… Read More

On average there are 52 new cases of skin cancer in Cueca each year

Think your skin is safe in Cuenca? Well actually, Cuenca ranks as the city with the third highest incidence of skin cancer in Ecuador, after Quito and Loja.  Many local experts recommend the use of sunblock to avoid excessive damage from the sun when outside.… Read More

City’s austerity measures starting to show results

After the first month of the new city government’s austerity program, the payroll of the Municipality went from 25 to 14 directors and from 40 to 29 coordinators, representing a reduction of $140,000 in salaries; a 10 percent decrease in wage expenses. The reduction of… Read More

Should El Centro be for foot traffic only?

The Historic Center of Cuenca has several characteristics and suitable conditions to be pedestrianized by its physical configuration. The commercial, tourist and architectural activities that are concentrated in this emblematic area of ​​the city, added… Read More

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