50 new digital kiosks in the city

Fifty new public telecommunications multiservice cabins have placed throughout the city by the public utility company ETAPA, to help decrease the digital gap for those without internet at home.

For a nominal fee, users can make phone calls, surf the internet, and use apps like Word and Excel. Users can also make video conference calls, link with Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and communication services, using the integrated camera.

The use of the kiosks is easy and intuitive, utilizing a tactile screen like an iPad or smartphone. ETAPA estimates that a minimum of 30,000 users will benefit from these new service.

One of the greatest characteristics of these devices is the mobility. The user can create an account at “Red de CabinasMultiservicio” ( Multiservices Cabins Network) where he or she can access a wide variety of options.

Cabins are placed at the Plaza Centro Artesanal, José Carrasco Arteaga Hospital, the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno, and ETAPA kiosks at El Arenal, Gapal, Gran Colombia, and Tarqui. They are also in the Monay Shopping Mall, Mall del Río, and the Miraflores Center.

This initiative is part of the “Cuenca Ciudad Digital” project.

Source: El Tiempo